Base64 Encode/Decode

About Base64 Encode / Base64 Decode

The online base64 converter helps you to easily encode or decode base64 data easly online.

How to use it?

To use the base64 encoder/decoder, follow the below steps: Enter or paste the data in the input field. Click the desired button from the options.

What is base64?

It is a number system of base-64 and uses the 64 unique digits set represented by the 6 bits. Base64 encoding method uses the 7-Bit ASCII characters used in an email to transfer 8-Bit information over the 7-Bit data path. Here, the data is divided into six bits and converted into different alphanumeric characters.

Base64 Encode

This function helps you to easily encode any string or query within a fraction of seconds. If you encode “Base64”, its output result will be:
“clear text” --- encode --- > “Y2xlYXIgdGV4dA==”

Base64 Decode

The decoder online provides an option to decode files from base64 format with one click. If you decode the text “Base64”, the result will be:
“Y2xlYXIgdGV4dA==” --- decode --> “clear text”

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